Shakeeb Faruqui

Creative Director


A graphic designer, creative writer, film-maker, poet and an ambitious photographer, who loves to paint words, narrate colours and weave stories. Shakeeb Faruqui is a man of multiple talents. From the intricacies of teasing words into well-crafted pieces of prose or lyrics, to directing undiscovered actors into the spotlight, he has invested his energies in all forms of communication arts. His creative talents have been honed and tested in the hands of commercial giants such as; ARY Digital Network, Suzuki, Unilever, GreenStar, UBL, PTCL, Dettol, Ufone and of late Mobilink while working with prominent advertising companies and production houses such as IAL Saatchi & Saatchi, Interflow Communications, Orient McCann, Morango Films and Anganterha Creative Workshop.

With over twelve years’ experience of finding creative solutions on deadlines and within indicated budgets, he is gearing up to test his mettle with Blitz Advertising.